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At DOA International DMCC we have developed a sustainable business that is built on trust, hard work, and dedication. 
We are also committed to working constructively with each partner to achieve our shared vision of a healthier, more prosperous society.

We ensure our clients a reasonable advertise cost and more prominent quality for the items accessible compared to others

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on quality, sustainability, diversity, Customer service, Commitment and excellence in Agro-food Commodities. It is this principle which we have applied at our business, which we hope will allow us to continue growing and innovating in agricultural commodity trading industry.

About our future

We aim to create a more ethical and sustainable food trading system by working with the land, the people, and the environment to Import/Export the highest quality of agro products and, by making the farm and its products as close to the Customers, as possible.

Our Products

All of our products go through thorough inspections and quality controls to insure they are of the highest standards.

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Unit No: 4121 DMCC-Business Center Level No 1
Dubai United Arab Emirates

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